Tour Vietnam with Vietnam Adventure Tours


Vietnam is a country that is well decorated with emerald-green mountains, exceptional cultural interest, and a ravishing coast. The the country is characterized by peace and tranquility all around it. Here’s a good post to read about Mr. Linh’s Adventures, check this out!

Vietnam trips can be more interesting if they are well planned. They not only guarantee your eligibility for many discounts and offers but also assure you a confirmed reservation at your preferred place. Read more great facts on Mr. Linh’s Adventures,  click here.

You can get into Vietnam by two means, you can arrive by plane in Hanoi and go south, or through Saigon and head north. Movement in and around the country can be facilitated by buses, trains and domestic flights. The best time to travel to the northern part of the country is from May to October, while the southern part can be visited during December to April as this is the dry season of the year.

You can start off your adventure from Hanoi the country’s capital and go to the Hoan Kiem Lake which means the Lake of the Restored Sword. This magnificent lake is one of the foremost scenic spots in the metropolis and is embedded with a rich cultural history.

Another site you can try is the Ha Long Bay which lies approximately 165 KM northeast of Hanoi. It is in a 120 KM long coastline and means Bay of Descending Dragons. It is the top tourist attraction site in Vietnam and comprises more than a thousand islands each with abundant jungle vegetation that forms a fascinating seascape of limestone pillars. Some of the islands are hollow and have enormous caves within. No wonder it is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Numerous travel agencies offer packages for cruising the bay.

Another site not to miss is the Fansipan Mountain that is located near the Chinese border northwest of Vietnam. Along this route is the Sa Pa rice terraces situated in the Muong Hoa Valley between the Sa Pa ton and the Fansipan mountain.

Moving south, you should consider the Thien Mu Pagoda which is the highest pagoda in the country. The pagoda stands seven stories high and overlooks the Perfume River and is considered as the unofficial representation of the former imperial capital.

You cannot forget the Nha Trang which is Vietnam’s most popular seaside reort town located alonmg the second most outstanding bays in the country. It also is the country’s scuba diving capital. It features gorgeous beaches with pure sand and clear water.

The tour southwards cannot be complete without crossing the Cu Chi Tunnels. They consist of a tremendous network of underground linking tunnels that are located about 40 kilometers northwest of Saigon. They were used by the Viet Cong guierillas as hiding places during the Vietnam wars. You can click this link for more great tips!


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